Fertile Ground Campaign & Timeline

In collaboration with Tabernacle Presbyterian Church (Tab), Tab Community Services, Inc. (TCSI) continually looks for ways to attract investment to the inner-city neighborhood that Tab calls home. In 2006, TCSI began a three-phased, multi-million dollar capital campaign called Fertile Ground to upgrade its community wellness facilities. In 2008, TCSI successfully attracted $1.1 million of investment to complete Phase I, which included the installation of a state-of-the-art playing field, track and field training facilities, and new perimeter and interior fencing and lighting.

Today, TCSI is executing Phase II, which will include enhancements to Tab Field's supporting infrastructure and community space such as fan seating, a press box, restroom and concession facilities, gathering space, site office, and equipment storage. Being that Tab welcomes thousands to the corner of 34th and Central every year with existing programming, it's only appropriate that we build with growth - in programs and future neighborhood-based events - in mind.

Phase I

Tab Field and Track Improvements

Investment: $1.1m

Completed: 2008

Tab Recreation Field Before Improvements

Tab Field Before Improvements

Tab Field Improvements Completed

Tab Field Improvements Completed

Phase II

Tab Field Mini-Stadium

Investment: $1.5m

Target Completion: 2017-18

Current Tab Field Supporting Infastructure

Current Tab Field Supporting Infrastructure

Proposed Tab Field Mini-Stadium

Proposed Tab Field Mini-Stadium

Phase III

Indoor Wellness Center

Investment: $TBD

Target Completion: 2020

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